Here I go

I believe that writing is an important part of the thinking process. It helps us organize our thoughts, to see them in a different medium, to figure out how to communicate them to others. I do it from time to time in trying to think through various things, but not with the consistency which I would like. That is partly because I worry about the finished product, I overedit, and am never completely satisfied with the final product. I fall into the traps that many professional writers warn others not to fall into.

So now, I am going to try to heed their advice by relaunching this blog and sharing my imperfect pieces with the world. The reasons for doing this publicly are several- it forces me to get to a more refined product than I otherwise might, there is a good feeling associated with hitting “publish” which builds momentum, and maybe, just maybe, it will lead to some discussion which will further my thinking by refining it or proving it wrong altogether. It also serves as a nice record of my thinking over time and how it may have changed. So there it is. Stay tuned for some posts soon and hopefully continuing on over the months and years.

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