Payers and Clinical Trial Transparency

It has been a rough month for Big Pharma. Johnson & Johnson settled several Federal cases concerning Risperdal¬†for a whopping $2.2B after the giant unethically and illegally promoted off-label uses for its anti-psychotic drug a decade ago. Among the findings was the news that J&J may have withheld some trial data, which prosecutors tackled in […]

Funding Education Through Equity

Earlier this week, the Oregon Legislature approved a plan that could pave the way for college students to finance their education by selling equity stakes in their future income. The idea is an intriguing one that has been bounced around before, but has never made it far in the United States, until now (a short […]

Financing Scientific Discovery

When it comes to financing research and with the goal of societal benefit in mind, the question often arises of whether private or public funding is optimal. Many argue based on efficiency models that they believe in or the longstanding private sector vs. public sector arguments that are all too common in macroeconomic discussion. When […]

Understanding Probability

Election season is a great time to witness the continuing American struggle with probabilities. All too often people will see odds or a prediction for a particular event and when the outcome of lower probability comes true, they will say the prediction was “wrong”. Of course this is an inaccurate conclusion considering there was still […]

Improving Health Literacy

Health literacy, or the ability to understand and act on basic health-related information, is terribly low in the United States (and most of the world). Only 12% of Americans scored proficiently in a national test according to the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy. This has a tremendous impact on the healthcare system and general […]