A Legend Passes

Last week, biotech and orphan drug development pioneer Henri Termeer passed away. While I never had the privilege of meeting Termeer, I have read much about him and heard even more. A few terms that seem to consistently come up in describing him are patient-centered, undeterred, and passionate. There are many stories of Termeer’s intense focus on patients and the ultimate formation and validation of the current orphan drug development model is a testament to that. Even upon his retirement from Genzyme, he continued to be extremely active in biotech, serving as an adviser to many startups and executives, particularly in the Cambridge area. To me, in many ways Termeer is exactly what those of us in industry should strive to be. From everything I know and have read of him, he is an inspiration and someone who showed that even things considered impossible are not so with the right mindset. Below is a collection of some of my favorite stories, interviews, and videos of Termeer:

I will update this post as I run across any new and unique resources. Please feel free to share any others that resonate with you in the comments below.